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Mopar is celebrating a decade of operation for the brand's fast, convenient Express Lane service. First introduced in 2008, Express Lane offers oil changes, tires, vehicle inspections and more. The brand marked the 10-year milestone during the grand opening of a new Express Lane facility in Pulaski, Virginia.

The Pulaski Motor Mile Express Lane is the latest of more than 1,850 enrolled Express Lane stores around the globe, located in more than 30 countries, including Argentina, Brazil, France, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Saudi Arabia and South Africa, among others. More than 1,200 Express Lane facilities are operational in the U.S. alone, with over 200 added in the U.S. since 2016.

More than 9 million vehicles were serviced in 2017 at Express Lane stores in the U.S. alone. All makes and models — not just FCA vehicles — are welcome at Express Lane locations, which feature two technicians simultaneously servicing each vehicle. Read Full Story

Qualified: No. 3 (3.913 E.T. at 308.78 MPH)

The Results:
E1: 3.951 E.T. at 311.49 MPH defeated Ron Capps 4.152 E.T. at 245.81 MPH
E2: 4.190 E.T. at 240.08 MPH defeated by Tim Wilkerson 3.972 E.T. at 308.71 MPH

Race Recap:
Matt Hagan’s first trip to the Winner’s Circle came during the 2010 Houston race. His attempt to add a 2018 NHRA SpringNationals Wally to his trophy collection started with a tough draw, his DSR teammate, Ron Capps.
Hagan and Capps charged hard out of the gate, and in a battle of DSR Dodge’s, Hagan was able to take the win when Capps’ car went silent near halftrack.
In the quarterfinals, Hagan squared off against Tim Wilkerson. Both drivers had nearly identical reaction times and the Mopar Express Lane Dodge was even with Wilkerson’s machine until about 330-feet when dropped cylinders caused Hagan to slow and his opponent was able to pull away for the win.

The two round wins enabled Hagan to move from third up to second in points.

“It was a little tricky track with new asphalt out there, just a lot of variables to deal with. We had six great runs up to that point and it just wore too much clutch and pulled the tires lose out there. A lot of times it just loops the tires and I can drive through it, but it just blew them off pretty hard and there was no real recovery. When you’ve got a guy like Wilkerson running 97 beside you and you have identical lights basically, it’s kind of tough to make it up.

"That’s Houston for us. I got my first win here so it’s kind of a special place for me, but we’re moving on. We have four-wide (Charlotte) coming up and trying to get focused on that because it’s a whole different ballgame again, like Vegas was. I don’t have the greatest record at four-wides so I need to focus and do well. We need to start winning soon.”

NHRA Mello Yello Drag Racing Series Points Standing:
363 points, ranked second
Leads third ranked J.R. Todd by 16 points
Trails first ranked Jack Beckman by 52 points

Qualified: No. 7 (3.987 E.T. at 322.96 MPH)
The Results: 

Tommy Johnson Jr. 4.030 E.T. at 316.01 MPH
Del Worsham 4.496 E.T. at 244.25 MPH
Tim Wilkerson 4.855 E.T. at 172.36 MPH
Matt Hagan 5.899 E.T. at 117.68 MPH
Race Recap:
Matt Hagan, driver of the Mopar Express Lane Dodge Charger R/T Funny Car, qualified seventh but was instantly disqualified in round one when he got on the throttle before the tree indicated to start, causing a red light. He’ll put that rare miscue behind him and get ready for the next event even more determined to do well.
“I don’t know what the deal was with Vegas this weekend, but it’s just been a struggle from qualifying on. We had some holes out and a burnout I messed up, had a fuel cable break on us and I pulled down a red bulb on E1; just simple stuff that shouldn’t be happening. I think I let a little bit of that get in my head from the last weekend at Gainesville with Beckman and not giving enough and not being up enough. I went up there with that mentality that I wasn’t getting left by nobody today. It was just up and a little bit over center today and I probably should have had my breathing calmed down a little bit more and that kind of thing. Everybody got staged and my foot said ‘go’, it was double 03 [0.003] red, you know. It was just unfortunate. I think we had a race car that could have done some stuff out here today, but we won’t know until next year. It’s a hard pill to swallow, obviously after the final in Gainesville, having a 60 light, when I’m usually 50s or 40s in the finals. We’ve got stuff we’ve got to work on with the car too. I put a lot of pressure on myself. It takes all of us to do everything. It all plays into part. I’ll get my mind right and get focused and hit the practice tree and get right with it.”
NHRA Mello Yello Drag Racing Series Points Standing:

301 points, ranked No. 3
Leads fourth ranked Tommy Johnson Jr. by 36 points
Trails second ranked Courtney Force by one point

Qualified: No. 6 (3.941 E.T. at 328.22 MPH)

The Results:
E1: 3.976 E.T. at 328.38 MPH defeated Tim Wilkerson 7.821 E.T. at 131.27 MPH
E2: 4.027 E.T. at 291.26 MPH defeated Robert Hight 4.067 E.T. at 265.53 MPH
E3: 4.056 E.T. at 310.91 MPH defeated Ron Capps 9.134 E.T. at 81.86 MPH
E4: 4.034 E.T. at 322.04 MPH defeated by Jack Beckman 4.035 E.T. at 323.58 MPH

Race Recap:
Hagan’s run to the final round in his Mopar Express Lane Dodge included a first-round win over Tim Wilkerson and then a wild, fiery ride against Robert Hight in the quarterfinals. Hight’s engine exploded near the 660-ft mark, with his Funny Car body flying apart. As Hagan raced by in the right lane his engine did the same, sending the car body flying high in the air, but Hagan was able to cross the line at 4.027/291.26 to earn a hard-fought round win.

The Mopar Express Lane Dodge team and crew chief Dickie Venables thrashed and dug deep to get a backup car ready for Hagan to face DSR teammate and Mopar-powered Dodge Charger R/T driver Ron Capps in the semifinals. The hard work paid off as Hagan posted a solid 4.056/310.91 to advance to his 49thcareer final round and reach a remarkable milestone, his 500th career round of racing.

“We had a pretty great race day, to be honest. I've never been to the finals in Gainesville. We kind of started off with a whole new game plan from qualifying and the track conditions were pretty good. We obviously had a huge blow up in the second round. Then to watch these guys pull the other car back out and put it together in the amount of time they had, and to turn a win light on against Capps then to be able to go to a final, it was huge and it speaks for itself.

"These guys put a great race car together. We ran a really close race out there. It was within one [thousandths of a second] but it was one of those deals where I just got left on by Jack Beckman. It's one of those deals were you put that in the bank there and you don't forget it. You have to go home and work on that and not let these guys down who worked all day long to get you there. We'll take these next few weeks and revaluate and focus and move forward.”



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FC Mello Yello Points

Funny Car (Unofficial)

1. Robert Hight (2445)
2. J.R. Todd (2434)
3. Ron Capps (2336)
4. Tim Wilkerson (2334)
5. Tommy Johnson Jr. (2296)
6. Courtney Force (2264)
7. Matt Hagan (2241)
8. Jack Beckman (2229)
9. John Force (2204)
10. Shawn Langdon (2152)