Post-Race #BrainerdNats

“What a tough weekend in Brainerd. We had canceled flights and we were down a couple crew guys that were sick. Our Mopar 85th Anniversary Funny Car ended up No. 1 qualifier, but blew up a lot of parts doing it. Things got hot and greasy in the second round and no one seemed to be going down the racetrack. We were one of the cars that couldn’t get down the track, so it ended up being a pedalfest. Alexis (DeJoria) smoked it a little further out there and got it to recover. It was just a tough round. As a veteran driver, you feel like you should win because of pedaling the car, letting it relax and getting it hooked back up. It’s tough when you smoke it at the hit like that and don’t get any momentum to move forward. We’ll pack everything up to head to Indy and get ready for the Countdown after that.”

  • Earned No. 3 provisional qualifying position in Q1 on Friday (3.912 ET at 330.23 mph).
  • Scored one bonus point for third-quickest run of the session.
  • Earned No. 4 provisional qualifying position in Q2 on Friday (3.893 ET at 327.74 mph).
  • Maintained No. 4 provisional qualifying position in Q3 on Saturday (3.893 ET at 332.26 mph).
  • Secured No. 1 qualifying position in Q4 on Saturday (3.843 ET at 331.36 mph).
  • Scored three bonus points for quickest run of the session.
  • Advanced to Round 2 on Sunday:
  •  ●  Round 1: 9.940 ET at 71.63 mph in a bye.
  •  ●  Round 2: 6.187 ET at 259.81 mph, lost to Alexis DeJoria (5.712 ET at 229.31 mph).
  • Currently second in the Funny Car championship standings, 250 points behind leader Robert Hight.