Bradenton Event Recap for the SCAG PRO Superstar Shootout Presented by JHG

Matt Hagan

“It was really neat making it to the final with all of the JHG guys here and having them on the car. It’s been a busy week with all of the testing before the race weekend started. I’m so thankful for my crew and how hard they all work. We had a good test session. We had a boomer earlier in the week that was unexpected. It was a parts failure, but we’re pushing these things to the limit. I think the PRO Superstar Shootout was a great event. I was really proud of how smooth it went. All in all, we really couldn’t have asked for much more. The NHRA does a good job, but I think there’s always room for improvement. I’m sure we’ll get a participation t-shirt for coming in second, but at the end of the day, we’ll take what we can get.”

  • Earned No. 9 provisional qualifying position in Q1 on Thursday (4.114 ET at 273.77 mph)
  • Earned No. 8 provisional qualifying position in Q2 on Friday (3.942 ET at 323.89 mph)
  • Fell to No. 10 provisional qualifying position in Q3 on Friday (3.970 ET at 280.08 mph)
  • Secured No. 6 qualifying position in Q4 on Friday (3.880 ET at 329.10 mph)
  • Advanced to Finals on Saturday:
  • Round 1: 4.239 ET at 223.58 mph, defeated J.R. Todd (broke, no time)
  • Semifinals: 3.912 ET at 329.50 mph, defeated Bob Tasca III (4.137 ET at 243.50 mph)
  • Finals: 3.872 ET at 329.75 mph, lost to Austin Prock (3.845 ET at 332.43 mph)
  • Hagan advanced to the Finals for the inaugural SCAG PRO Superstar Shootout Presented by JHG. It marked the first time he’s faced Austin Prock in Funny Car, with Prock previously competing in NHRA’s Top Fuel class.