Post-Race Sonoma Nationals

Matt Hagan

“The big takeaway from the weekend is that (Ron) Capps didn’t gain any ground on us and we were able to maintain number one in the point standings. There are some guys back there that are digging hard and popping up on the radar. Someone we can’t take lightly is Chad Green. He’s doing a great job. Same goes for J.R. (Todd) making it to his second Final in a row. He’s a great leaver and great driver. They had a little bit more on the racetrack than us and he had a little more on the tree. We had a good car and were making adjustments to it as it got hotter and hotter. Overall, I think the Western Swing was still successful. Obviously, we struggled a bit in Seattle, but between the win in Denver and making it to the Semifinals here, we walk away with a good attitude and the points lead. With three races to go before the Countdown, hopefully everyone else is running out of races to catch us. We still need to add more of a cushion. There are still drivers known for having good cars that are struggling. Look at Robert (Hight), (John) Force and (Bob) Tasca III. There are no easy draws nowadays. Everyone is so tough. You have to bring it every time and bring a little more than you think you have to. It takes that every time to turn a win light on.”

  • Earned No. 3 provisional qualifying position in Q1 on Friday (3.951 ET at 333.49 mph)
  • Scored one bonus point for third-quickest run of the session
  • Maintained No. 3 provisional qualifying position based off of Friday’s Q1 run. In Q2 on Friday, Hagan ran a 4.398 ET at 179.28 mph.
  • Scored two bonus points for second-quickest run of the session
  • Maintained No. 3 provisional qualifying position based off of Friday’s Q1 run. In Q3 on Saturday, Hagan ran a 4.004 ET at 321.73 mph.
  • Scored three bonus points for quickest run of the session
  • Secured No. 5 qualifying position based off of Friday’s Q1 run. In Q4 on Saturday, Hagan ran a 4.774 ET at 166.37 mph
  • Advanced to the Semifinals on Sunday:
  • Round 1: 3.997 ET at 317.87 mph, defeated Jason Rupert (4.038 ET at 314.24 mph)
  • Round 2: 3.955 ET at 324.98 mph, defeated Tim Wilkerson (4.014 ET at 297.81 mph)
  • Semifinals: 3.999 ET at 323.12 mph, lost to J.R. Todd (3.965 ET at 325.14 mph)
  • Currently leading the Funny Car championship standings, 19 points ahead of Ron Capps
  • By advancing to the Semifinals, Hagan has secured his position in the NHRA’s Mission #2Fast2Tasty Challenge, where he will face off against J.R. Todd at Topeka. The semifinalists from Sonoma will rematch during qualifying on Saturday, with bonus money and points on the line.
  • Hagan represented Johnson’s Horsepowered Garage (JHG) for their first race as primary sponsor with Tony Stewart Racing. JHG was formed in 2021 and brings a passion and flare to the automotive world. They aim to inspire, drive and celebrate progress. JHG spans across Jason Johnson’s car collection featuring more than 200 sought after vehicles from classics, to hot rods and supercars. Johnson’s Horsepowered Garage’s mission is to preserve and showcase the automotive industry. The vehicles are driven to and displayed at events by Johnson and his team with the goal of growing interest and keeping car culture thriving.